e-clearing.net makes possible the Europe-wide charging of e-cars.

With the start of e-clearing.net, a functioning, Europe-wide open solution for cross-border charging of electric cars is available now.

To make this possible, five European partners have connected their charging infrastructures to it. By using e roaming, electric car drivers can fill up with electricity at several thousand points in Europe, without incurring transaction-costs. They pay only the travel electricity price agreed with their own partner.

The cross-provider charging-stations available for use are to be recognised by the logo of e clearing.net, which, in the future, will be displayed at every charging-point. The extended platform currently being implemented allows the cross-border exchange of all relevant data between the partners. These are: authentication attributes so that customers can sign in at all connected charging-posts and can use them, information on the loading-procedures carried out within the roaming framework and geographical co-ordinates of the locations of all charging-posts in the e clearing.net so that these can be displayed to the customers.

The founding firms in Europe's largest transaction platform are the companies smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH (Germany), e-laad (Netherlands) and Blue Corner (Belgium). The first important partners that were already able to be acquired were Ballast Nedam and The New Motion (TNM), both from the Netherlands. TNM alone has over 3500 charging-points in the Netherlands.

What is special about e-clearing.net is that, unlike other, commercially-orientated, platforms, it is basically free and, in particular, all transactions are free. Companies which connect to e-clearing.net at the moment have to pay only for linking to the platform.

"Because the market for plug-in vehicles has really started to take off, this platform will very soon acquire enormous practical relevance. This is why we are very pleased to be going live internationally with a functioning system and all partners before our national competitors. The concentrated and continual behind-the-scenes work has fully paid off", says Dr Mark Steffen Walcher, managing director of smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft.

The basis of e-clearing.net is the "Treaty of Vaals": the Treaties of Vaals, concluded in March 2012 are a co-operation agreement for e-roaming between the German public utility initiative ladenetz.de, e-laad.nl (Netherlands), Blue Corner and becharged (Belgium), Estonteco (Luxemburg), Vlotte (Austria), ESBeCars (Ireland) and Inteli (Portugal).
br>Several thousand charging-points attached from the start

If you are a customer of a public utility that belongs to the ladenetz.de initiative, you can now, through e clearing.net, also fill up with travel electricity at several thousand charging-points in other European countries at the same conditions as for your own public utility - for the time being without any fees.

In Germany at the moment, there are about 300 charging-points connected to the e-clearing.net platform. By the end of the year, another 100 charging points are planned on the ladenetz.de network.

In the Netherlands, TNM has more than 3500 charging-points for electric vehicles, of which 300 are open to the public. Of these about 35 are fast-load stations, at which the battery can be recharged in just half an hour. By the end of the year, there should be 52 of these. The New Motion already has 5000 customers on its "love to load" charging network, and now, with e-clearing.net, they can additionally charge up their e-vehicles in neighbouring foreign countries. The founding partners of the e-clearing.net platform Smartlab, with its public utility initiative ladenetz.de, in which just 30 public utilities participate, currently has at its disposal more than 300 charging-points across Germany. The Belgian provider Blue Corner is, with about 600 charging-points, the leading supplier of charging infrastructure in Belgium. The e-laad.de Trust operates a network with 2,400 public charging-points in 284 municipalities in the Netherlands.
Soon, e-clearing.net plans to open a branch in the capital, Berlin. Others, in Belgium and the Netherlands, are under discussion. The partners have appointed Dr Mark Steffen as the platform's spokesman. As a matter of principle, however, the expenses, and hence the joint costs of the partners for e-clearing.net, should remain as low as possible, in order to continue to avoid transaction costs. The aim is to build the platform into a non-profit-making company.


“Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany jointly develop an IT solution for e-mobility in Europe”

The organisations behind the networks of Blue Corner, e-laad and ladenetz are jointly developing the first European Clearinghouse on electro mobility. “E-clearing.net” operates as a central interface between the different operational systems (car leasing, network operators, utility systems,...) and makes authorisation and interoperability and in general possible, leading to several added-value services for the market and for the consumer. This joint effort is looking for stakeholders out of the different market segments. If you want more in formation, contact info@e-clearing.net